WATCH: Lainey Wilson Reflects on Her 'Barbie Moment' Prior to the Grammys


Country singer Lainey Wilson surprised audiences at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy gala by performing a gender-swapped version of the song "I'm Just Ken" from the Barbie movie. Joined by guitarist Mark Ronson, Wilson took on Ryan Gosling's part and even wore a white fur coat in reference to Ken's coat in the film. Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, who co-wrote the song, also performed with Wilson at the event.

"I'm Just Ken" became a worldwide sensation after its inclusion in the Barbie movie, and it was even nominated for the Best Song Written for Visual Media category at the Grammy Awards. The song explores the feeling of being someone's second choice, a theme that resonated with Wilson's unexpected performance. Originally, Gosling, Ronson, and Wyatt were scheduled to perform the song together, but Gosling was unable to attend. Wilson stepped in and delivered a heartfelt rendition.


Before her performance, Wilson teased her appearance on social media, sharing close-up shots of her outfit and declaring, "Having a Barbie moment." In addition to her surprise performance, Wilson also performed her Grammy-nominated hit "Save Me" with her duet partner Jelly Roll. As she walked the red carpet at the 2024 Grammy Awards, Wilson described her whirlwind week, expressing her excitement at being in rooms with people from various walks of life. She mentioned being in the presence of pop legend Cher at the Clive Davis event and exclaimed, "It could not get crazier."

The 2024 Grammy Awards showcased the best of country music, with Wilson and other artists dazzling on the red carpet. Attendees included Brandi Carlile and many more, all showing off their stunning fashion choices. The event was held in Los Angeles on February 4.

Overall, Wilson's unexpected performance of "I'm Just Ken" added a unique twist to Clive Davis' pre-Grammy gala. With her talent and surprise appearances, Wilson continues to make waves in the music industry, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide.


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