Justin Bieber Fires Back Emotionally After Selena Gomez's Instagram Post


In a recent Instagram live video, Justin Bieber emotionally addressed a post made by his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. The video, which garnered significant attention, showed Bieber expressing his feelings about Gomez moving on and finding happiness with her new relationship. The pop star revealed that seeing Gomez with someone else has been difficult for him, and he struggled to accept the fact that their relationship has ended.

Bieber admitted to still caring deeply for his ex-girlfriend, despite the hardships they faced during their tumultuous on-and-off relationship. He acknowledged that he allowed his own insecurities and past mistakes to destroy their connection. The singer also highlighted the pressure they faced in the public eye, which added strain to their relationship.


Although Bieber acknowledged his previous wrongdoings, he defended himself against accusations of being unfaithful to Gomez during their relationship. He claimed that their breakup was not a result of infidelity and expressed his annoyance at people painting him in a negative light.

Furthermore, the pop star addressed rumors about his potential rekindling with Gomez. He stated that he has moved on and is happily married to Hailey Baldwin, and he hopes Gomez can find the same happiness in her new relationship.

In conclusion, Justin Bieber emotionally responded to a recent Instagram post by Selena Gomez, expressing his struggles in accepting their breakup and seeing her with someone else. He defended himself against accusations and clarified that he has moved on and found happiness in his marriage to Hailey Baldwin.


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