Justin Bieber SPORTS Tee With INSPIRING Words Paying Tribute to His Songs After Selena Gomez's Smooch With Benny Blanco


Pop star Justin Bieber was spotted wearing a t-shirt with a message that seemed to reference his lyrics in response to recent news of Selena Gomez kissing Benny Blanco. The singer was seen sporting the tee while out in Los Angeles. The message on the shirt read, "Love Isn’t Always Easy But It’s Worth It," which many believe to be a heartfelt nod to his own experiences with love and relationships, including his past relationship with Gomez. The lyrics mentioned in the title are believed to be from one of Bieber's songs that speaks to the complexities of love.

This sighting comes shortly after Gomez was photographed kissing Blanco, fueling rumors of a potential romantic involvement. Meanwhile, Bieber has been seen spending time with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, suggesting that he is focused on his own happiness and relationship.


Fans of Bieber are speculating that his choice of attire is a direct response to the news about Gomez and Blanco. While it's unclear if Bieber intentionally chose the shirt with this message, it is clear that his lyrics often reflect his personal experiences and emotions.

Bieber and Gomez have had a tumultuous past, with their relationship being on-again off-again for several years. Despite both moving on and being in new relationships, their lives continue to be closely scrutinized by the media and their fans.

Overall, this article highlights the fact that Justin Bieber was seen wearing a t-shirt that may be a subtle message in response to the news of Selena Gomez kissing Benny Blanco.


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