Impending Doom: Justin Bieber Spotted Eluding Public Photos with Hailey Baldwin


In a recent article titled "End is Near! Justin Bieber Seen Avoiding Being Pictured with Hailey Baldwin in Public," it is noted that Justin Bieber seems to be avoiding being photographed with his wife, Hailey Baldwin. This development has led to speculation about the couple's relationship.

The article discusses how Justin Bieber has been spotted without Hailey Baldwin by his side, which is unusual considering they are a married couple. They have often been seen together in public places, but lately, Bieber has been making efforts to avoid being seen with her. This has raised questions about the state of their marriage and whether there might be trouble in paradise.


The author highlights several instances where Bieber has intentionally avoided being photographed with Baldwin. He has been seen covering his face, using hoodies, or quickening his pace to avoid being caught on camera with his wife. This behavior has fueled rumors and gossip about their relationship, with people speculating that there might be trouble between them.

While the article does not provide any concrete evidence or statements from Bieber or Baldwin, it suggests that their avoidance of being pictured together signifies possible trouble in their marriage. It also mentions that their actions contradict their previous public displays of affection and happiness.

In conclusion, this article discusses the recent sightings of Justin Bieber purposely avoiding being photographed with his wife, Hailey Baldwin. The author implies that these instances might hint at problems in their relationship, although no official statements have been made.


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