Tabby Cat Survives Being Shot In The Face As A Kitten And Gets A Second Chance At Life


In the world of cats, there are special needs felines with unique stories, but not all appear to be special needs. One such cat was Petunia, who arrived at a rescue center in desperate need of a forever home. Emily fell in love with Petunia at first sight and decided to foster her, but their bond grew so strong that she ended up adopting her.

Petunia's past was filled with tragedy - she had been shot by her owners as a kitten, losing part of her face. Despite her challenging appearance, Petunia was a loving and friendly cat. She had survived the ordeal and had a few litters of kittens before coming into Emily's care.


Although Petunia had health issues, including breathing problems and sensitivity around her chin, she was a cuddly and affectionate cat. She loved to snuggle and nap in her favorite spot - her son's bean bag chair.

Emily described Petunia as "perfectly imperfect," just like other animals in shelters who are often overlooked due to their age, injuries, or past experiences. She highlighted the importance of giving these animals a chance, as they have so much love to offer.

Through Petunia's story, Emily hoped to show others that love and compassion can heal even the deepest scars. Petunia had made her life wonderful, proving that every pet, regardless of their background, has an immense amount of love to give.


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