This Woman Travels To Her Burn-Out Home Every Day To Feed Her Cats


After a devastating fire destroyed her home, Susie Richter was heartbroken to leave her cats behind. But she was determined to return as soon as she could. On her first visit back, she didn't know what to expect. However, to her surprise and joy, she found all of her cats alive and well. Tears and hugs followed as she reunited with them.

How was she able to go back when most of the fire-damaged areas were still closed off? Well, fortunately, some parts of Susie's neighborhood were open, so she was allowed through a checkpoint. It was a small window of opportunity for her to see the remains of her home and be with her cats again.


Unfortunately, not everyone was as fortunate as Susie and her furry friends. The fire had caused many fatalities and there were still people missing. It was a tragedy of epic proportions that hadn't been seen in a long time. Amidst the ongoing grief and loss, Susie finds solace in any small glimmers of hope or good news that come her way.

One such glimmer of hope came in the form of a porcelain angel that Susie found amidst the rubble of her home. It was a piece from a jewelry box that had survived the fire. This little angel serves as a reminder of how lucky she and her cats were to have made it out safely, while many others were not so fortunate.

Susie knows that the process of rebuilding and healing will be long and difficult, but she holds on to the joy she feels when she sees her cats and the small reminders of hope like the porcelain angel. It's a way for her to find strength and gratitude in the midst of overwhelming loss.


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