DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas for a Festive Front Door


Make a great first impression with your holiday guests this year by making and hanging one of these 30 DIY Christmas wreath ideas on your front door or porch.

Your front porch, door and entryway are the first things people see when visiting or walking past your home. If you want to make a good impression, putting a seasonal wreath in these locations is a great way to do it.

You can spend tons of money buying the perfect Christmas wreath from a high-end store or compromise your ‘vision’ and settle for something at a discount store.

However, the easiest way to get what you are envisioning is to make it yourself.


You know I am all about DIY – this is after all. So crafting my own wreath is the route I like to take.

Choosing Forms for Wreath Making

You may think that because wreaths tend to be round, they all start out the same way. Nope!

There are loads of ways to make a wreath, and it seems like new ideas come out every year. Here are the most common bases (also known as frames or forms) for starting a wreath:

Grapevine wreath – great for a natural look when you don’t plan to cover the entire base.

– available in many different sizes and shapes, and you attach items using floral wire.


Straw wreath – this is another base that has a nice natural look, so it can be decorated completely (or some of the surface left exposed).

Styrofoam wreath

– similar to a Styrofoam wreath, but you use a pool noodle and duct tape to create the base circle.

Chipboard wreath – a flat craft board wreath that you attach items to with hot glue or craft glue.

Embroidery or metal hoops – fabric can be stretched in the hoop or things can be attached to it.

Wooden rings – you can paint them easily, attach items, and wrap things around them. Plus certain types have holes for wrapping wire.


Supplies You Might Need

If you plan to make lots of wreaths in the future, you may want to keep these common wreath making supplies in your crafting stash! Obviously some of these depend on what you want to make.

For attaching items to the base:, floral wire, floral tape, straight pins in various sizes

For shaping your wreath: scissors, wire cutters, pruning shears

For hanging your wreath: wide or fabric, monofilament (fishing line), hanging hardware like an over the door hanger, suction cup hooks or Command strips

Are you ready to make a wreath? I’ve collected 35+ easy to follow tutorials that should inspire you to get crafting! Just scroll down.

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