An Extensive Eyeshadow Palette Collection: Over 160 Palettes Explored and Decluttered

In this article, the author talks about their extensive eyeshadow palette collection and the process of decluttering it. They start by mentioning that they have accumulated over 160 eyeshadow palettes over the years. The main focus of the article is to declutter and organize this vast collection.

The author begins by explaining their love for makeup and the excitement they feel when purchasing new eyeshadow palettes. However, they soon realized that their collection had become overwhelming and unmanageable. They decided it was time to declutter and streamline their collection.

To start the decluttering process, the author lays out all their palettes on a spacious table. Seeing the massive collection in its entirety is a bit daunting, but it also motivates them to reduce the number of palettes they own. They then divided the palettes into three categories: keep, consider, and discard.

The "keep" category includes palettes that the author loves and uses frequently. These are the palettes that are of good quality, have versatile shades, and suit their skin tone. The author emphasizes the importance of carefully considering each palette and not just keeping them for the sake of having a large collection.

The "consider" category consists of palettes that the author is unsure about. They may have some shades that are not frequently used or are similar to shades from other palettes. The author challenges themselves to really think about whether they need these palettes or if they can make do with the shades they already have.

Finally, the "discard" category is for palettes that the author no longer wants or needs. These may be palettes that have expired, have poor quality, or simply do not suit their preferences anymore. The author emphasizes the importance of responsibly disposing of these palettes, whether it's through gifting to friends or family or through recycling.

By the end of the decluttering process, the author has significantly reduced their palette collection. They feel a sense of relief and accomplishment, as their collection is now more manageable and consists only of palettes they truly love and use. The author also briefly mentions their plans for organizing the remaining palettes, such as using storage drawers or dividers to keep them neat and easily accessible.

In conclusion, this article describes the process of decluttering an extensive eyeshadow palette collection. The author emphasizes the importance of carefully considering each palette and only keeping the ones that are loved and regularly used. The main goal is to create a more manageable collection and eliminate any unnecessary or unused palettes.

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