Purge and Pare: Streamlining My Eyeshadow Palette Collection by Letting Go of Over 50 Palettes


This article discusses the process of collecting and decluttering eyeshadow palettes. The author shares their journey of getting rid of over 50 palettes in their collection.

The author begins by explaining their passion for makeup and their love for eyeshadow palettes. They admit to being a collector and having accumulated a large number of palettes over the years. However, they eventually realized that they had way more palettes than they could ever use.

Realizing the excess in their collection, the author decided to declutter and get rid of many of their palettes. They knew that this process would be challenging, as they had an emotional attachment to some of the palettes and a fear of missing out on their limited-edition releases.


To begin the decluttering process, the author decided to set some rules for themselves. They established criteria that would help them determine which palettes were worth keeping and which ones they could do without. They considered factors such as quality, versatility, and redundancy.

Starting with the first palette, the author critically examined each one and made a decision. They sorted the palettes into three categories: keep, give away, or sell. The palettes that made the "keep" category were those that had exceptional quality, unique color stories, or sentimental value. The palettes in the "give away" category were still in good condition but no longer fit the author's preference.


The palettes in the "sell" category were ones that the author believed could find a new home and be enjoyed by someone else.

Throughout the process, the author experienced different emotions. They felt a sense of relief and accomplishment as they let go of the excess palettes and created space in their collection. However, they also had moments of hesitation and doubt, wondering if they were making the right choices.

After sorting through all the palettes, the author ended up getting rid of over 50 of them. They donated some to friends and family, sold a few through online platforms, and even organized a small giveaway.


They realized that by decluttering their collection, they were able to focus on the palettes that truly brought them joy and use them more frequently.

In conclusion, the author shares that the process of decluttering their eyeshadow palette collection was both challenging and rewarding. They encourage others who might be in a similar situation to evaluate their collections and consider decluttering excess makeup. By doing so, they believe that others can also find joy in their smaller, more curated collections.


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