39 Pantry Storage DIY Ideas and Products

We all have different versions of a “perfect” pantry. Some believe that a pantry should have a 22-piece pan set; others believe that a pantry is not complete without a remote-equipped oven. Whatever your version of an ideal pantry is, you will need to keep it organized.

With so many great new gadgets on the market and handcrafted pantry hack ideas available, there is always something you can try to make your larder and storage room area more efficient and easy to use or to store typical pantry items in a different area of your kitchen (thus freeing up kitchen space).

1. Stackable, Collapsible Kitchen Colander Set

This includes all the important kitchen equipment, from mixing bowls to colanders to measuring spoons. It is definitely a great space-saving device!

2. Stainless Steel Stove Shelf

A will give your pantry items additional storage space, seemingly out of thin air. It’s magnetic, which means it does not need any nailing and hammering to install.

3. Mason Jars

are durable, and one thing that makes them stand out as a storage solution is that they provide an obstructed view of the things inside.

4. Pegboard

You may have seen pegboards being used in garages and craft rooms. However, a will also work great for your pantry, thanks to its adaptability.

5. Decorative Turntable

Many homeowners buy a only for decorative purposes. Even so, if you want to get the most out of it, you can also use it to place pantry essentials, thus freeing up storage in the pantry

6. Junk Drawer

You can turn any unused drawer in your pantry into a where you can throw anything in. However, you should keep it from overflowing with non-essential items.

7. Over the Door Hanging Shoe Rack

Those chips and snacks can quickly fill up your fridge. For an efficient pantry organization, put a behind the pantry door and use it as additional storage.

8. Wooden Crates

Do you need a way to hide any unsightly items in your pantry? can be your easy and quick solution, and they will also spice up the area.

9. Cutlery Organizer

When you don’t have a , it will be hard to keep your knives, spoons, and forks properly separated, especially if you just throw them in your drawer.

10. Kitchen Cabinet Rollouts

are essentially cupboard drawers. However, they are specifically designed to make the items in your cabinet or pantry easy to reach, and you can make them yourself!

11. Grab-and-Go Snack Section

A is what you need if you’re often short on time and need something as a quick energy source when you’re doing something else.

12. Drawer Bottle Separators

Your wine and sauce bottles can easily topple if you don’t use . You might be surprised by how these devices will help you.

13. Library Ladder

Going vertical is the most efficient way to store your pantry items. However, this approach might make them hard to reach. Thus, you’ll need a in your pantry.

14. Sliding Pan Organizer

If you’re frustrated with how challenging it is to grab the pans you keep in your cabinet, will become your lifesaver. It also has spaces for the lids.

Tea bag packaging often takes up too much space in the pantry cabinet. This offers a clever solution to free up space and display your tea collection.

16. Utility Cart

A is great because it has enough space to store a lot of essential items, and you can also move it to any area in your pantry.

17. Sticker Labels

may not do much in terms of your space-saving efforts. However, it will make it much easier to identify the things you need and grab them at any time.

18. Coffee and Tea Organizer

Most of the time, you go to your pantry to make a cup of coffee and tea. If you love to sip on these caffeinated beverages, get yourself this .

19. Double Cabinet Space

Many homeowners see having a as a blessing. However, unless it has proper dividers like this one, you will often lose the little items.

20. Wall-Mounted Mug Rack

is the perfect pantry product to buy if you have a collection of unique coffee mugs. It frees up your cabinet and adds characters to the plain wall.

21. Stackable Refrigerator Bins

Everything stackable is great if you want to space more of your pantry space. Although this is originally designed for a fridge, there’s no reason you can’t use these in your pantry as well.

22. Storage Hooks

Many of your kitchen items and appliances work well with hooks. You should get if you have a lot of mugs, measuring cups, and utensils.

23. Cookbook Shelves

Your deserves the same care as your cutleries and utensils, which is why it is a good idea to set aside a space in your pantry for them.

24. Grocery Bag Dispenser

makes storing and reaching your plastic bags easy. You can keep up to 30 grocery bags in it, and it also comes with adhesive tape in its package.

25. Six-Pack Holder

Do you always have your wattle and ketchup bottles tip over every time you open your fridge door? Grab a to keep them in place.

26. Pool Noodle

If you find it hard to find separators that fit your drawers and cabinets, you can cut up several , and they will fit snugly inside your storage area.

27. Modular Shelving

The are the best place to keep bulky appliances in your pantry. For easy-to-grab items, this modular shelving solution can be a great idea.

28. Door Utility Rack

If you want a more sturdy storage solution for your pantry area, a is your best option. It only requires several screws to install.

29. Cooking Caddy

A is another thing that will make your pantry even more adaptable. You can put it everywhere you need and tuck it away once you are done cooking.

30. Door Lid Rack

You can just hide all your pots and pans in the cabinets. But, when it comes to the lids, a smart solution like this is needed.

31. Water Bottle Holder

will make organizing your water bottles a breeze. You can sort your water containers based on colors and sizes according to your needs.

32. Tension Curtain Rod

Mainly used in bathrooms and bedrooms, can also do wonders in your pantry. You can use it to hang dirty rags and cleaning products.

33. Produce Baskets

When you have in your pantry, you can easily separate onions and potatoes from other products. You can quickly grab any ingredient you need for dinner.

34. Lid Organizer

Your pots and pans are not the only items in your pantry that have lids. For smaller lids, you can put on your counter table.

35. Small Spice Storage

Unless you run a big catering business, chances are you will need a small amount of spices for cooking. Accordingly, you should only use in your pantry.

36. Maintain Unity

Before we move on to other products, it is important that you keep the . It will make it easy to keep it organized.

37. Overhead Lighting

is another crucial thing when it comes to keeping things visible in your pantry so that they don’t get cluttered in the future. Make sure you don’t use an underpowered bulb for the job.

38. Kitchen Pantry Storage Glass Jars

Ditch the flimsy packaging that comes with your dried goods and use these instead. They ensure that your flour, oats, and pasta don’t go stale.

39. Hanging Fruit Basket

The fruits in your pantry need a good place to relax, too, which is why this exists. You can install it under a cabinet to add additional storage.

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