This One-Of-A-Kind Cat Has The Cutest Bedtime Routine Ever With His Dad


Meet Monty, the adorable cat born without a nasal bridge bone, who has captured the hearts of cat lovers around the world. After three long years, Monty finally found his forever family. His new owners, Mikala and Michael, instantly fell in love with him and knew he had to come home with them. They describe Monty's appearance as unique and incredibly cute, but it is his rare and calm personality that truly shines.

According to Mikala and Michael, Monty quickly fit right in with their other cats and became a perfect addition to their feline-loving home. However, his favorite companion is his dad, Michael.


A heartwarming video shared on their YouTube channel shows the special bond between Monty and his dad.

The couple's wish is for Monty to become an ambassador for "crooked" cats, those who may not look perfect in everyone's eyes. They want to spread a beautiful message of acceptance and hope for these unique felines.

It's heartwarming to see Monty finding a loving home and bringing happiness and joy to his new family. Mikala and Michael's mission to celebrate and embrace imperfections is truly noble. Let's wish them all the best in their endeavor to promote understanding and love for all cats, regardless of their unique appearances.


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