10 Burning Questions for One Chicago


Here are the burning questions for One Chicago's return in 2022:

Chicago Med: What will be the fallout of the winter finale's shocking revelation about Marcel and Goodwin? The situation will continue to play out in 2022, but can it end well for anyone involved?

Chicago Fire: Who will be Truck 81's new lieutenant? What will happen with Kidd and her career after ignoring Boden's calls?

Chicago P.D.: When will Celeste find out the truth about Atwater? Will Burgess and Ruzek figure out their complicated relationship? How will being married affect Jay and Hailey as partners?

One Chicago: Will there be a major crossover event in 2022? The possibility of a Fire–P.D. crossover for the 18th episode is not set in stone.

These questions will keep fans eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite shows.


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