Owner Lets Cat Pick What To Do Throughout The Day


Every cat owner has their own unique way of spending time with their feline companions. However, one owner has taken a particularly unusual approach by letting her cat, Ringodanyan, call the shots for their daily activities. In a series of adorable videos posted on social media, we get a glimpse into the world of Ringo and his owner's unconventional routine.

The first video shows Ringo being given the choice between two options for a grooming session. With a paw on each hand, he confidently selects the grooming brush and enjoys a little fur trim. It's clear that Ringo enjoys being pampered and takes pride in his appearance.


Next, there's a tough decision to be made between sleep and play. Ringo is torn, but ultimately decides that playtime is too important to resist. He springs into action, chasing toys and pouncing on anything that moves. It's clear that Ringo has a playful and lively personality.

Aside from his unique quirks and trick-learning abilities, Ringo is just like any other cat. He enjoys a good nap and loves treats just as much as the next feline. He is undeniably adorable and brings joy to his owner's life.

If you want to see more of Ringodanyan's charming videos, you can find him on YouTube and Instagram. His owner regularly shares updates and captures the everyday moments that make Ringo so special. It's clear that the bond between Ringo and his owner is strong, and they have found a way to make each day a little more exciting by letting Ringo take the lead.

So, next time you spend time with your furry friend, consider letting them call the shots. Who knows, you may discover a whole new way to experience the joy and love that comes with being a cat parent.


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