Save This Leftover Turkey Soup Recipe for the Day After Thanksgiving

Regardless of how many people you're hosting for  there's bound to be leftover . Instead of the expected , make something brand-new and super comforting that you can stretch over a few days. We're talking soul-nourishing turkey soup! 

Filled with turkey, vegetables, and orzo pasta, this is an easy  that comes together in less than an hour. Plus, it's the perfect lunch or dinner to serve lingering out-of-town guests. Throw in a fresh  and for dunking. It's just the thing everyone will be craving after all the hearty holiday fare.

How long can you keep turkey to make soup?

is important to know. According to the USDA, cooked turkey should be eaten within three to four days, so it's best to make your leftover turkey soup soon after the big day. If you have a surplus of turkey, though, you can freeze it for up to six months to enjoy at a later date.

How can I give my turkey soup more flavor?

Herbs are a great way, and this recipe uses rosemary, thyme, and oregano. Optionally, fresh lemon juice is also highly encouraged to give the soup a bright flavor to balance all the traditional holiday flavors. Have leftover green beans and roasted carrots? Chop them up and throw them in!

Can you use turkey stock instead of chicken stock?

Be our guest! would be delicious in this soup. You can also use vegetable stock if that's what you have on hand. Any will do just fine.

How long is leftover turkey soup good for?

Soup can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator up to four days. Without the orzo, the soup can be frozen up to three months. Stir cooked orzo into the rewarmed soup just before serving. 

Can you substitute the turkey?

You can and should make this soup beyond just the holiday season. Cooked and shredded or diced chicken can be substituted. Rotisserie chicken works particularly well. 

What else can you do with leftover turkey?

Treat it like rotisserie chicken and use leftover turkey to make , , Ree Drummond's favorite , or any number of . You'd be surprised by just how much you can do with extra Thanksgiving turkey.

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