Incapable of Being Held Responsible: Law and Order Special Victims Unit S22 E06 - E09.


The article discusses episodes six to nine of the 22nd season of the TV show Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) titled "Can't Be Held Accountable." These episodes revolve around the theme of accountability, as the SVU team tackles various cases involving sexually motivated crimes.

In episode six, the team investigates a case of a well-respected basketball coach who is accused of sexually abusing his players. The coach's powerful status poses a challenge for the detectives as they must gather evidence and ensure justice is served for the victims.

Episode seven delves into the world of social media influencers, as a famous influencer is accused of sexual assault. SVU detective Amanda Rollins takes a personal interest in the case, as she believes the influencer is not being held accountable for his actions due to his celebrity status.


In episode eight, the team investigates a case involving a wealthy family known for their philanthropic contributions. The family's youngest member is accused of rape, and the detectives face obstacles due to the family's wealth and influence.

The final episode discussed in the article focuses on a case of sexual assault within the military. As SVU works to uncover the truth, they confront the challenges of jurisdiction and the military's handling of such cases.

Throughout these episodes, the SVU team fights against powerful individuals and institutions, seeking justice and accountability for survivors of sexual assault. The show aims to shed light on the importance of holding perpetrators accountable, regardless of their social status or influence.


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