Woman Leaves A Hefty Inheritance To Her 7 Persian Felines


An 84-year-old woman named Nancy Sauer from Tampa, Florida, passed away on November 26, 2022, leaving behind a will that shocked her friends and local residents. Nancy had a deep love for her cats and wanted to ensure they would be taken care of even after her death. As a result, she left her cats her $2.5 million South Tampa estate and an inheritance to cover all of their needs.

Nancy's friend, Yana Alban, spoke to the Tampa Bay Times about Nancy's love for her cats, stating that the house was not to be sold until the last cat passed away. Nancy's cats were young Persians, known for being expensive and needing specific care. Sherry Silk, the executive director of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, confirmed that Nancy left a substantial amount of money to cover the cats' food, medical expenses, and grooming needs.


While the judge believed the cats should not live alone in a large house, the cats were put up for adoption. Sherry Silk promised to do her best to find them a loving forever home and keep them together. Nancy had left around $300,000 for the cats' expenses, which the Humane Society will use to reimburse future owners. All they have to do is provide receipts for any expenses incurred.

The story of Nancy's love and devotion to her cats touched many people online. Some questioned why a live-in guardian couldn't have been appointed to care for the cats in the luxurious home. Opinions varied on whether the decision to put the cats up for adoption was the right one or if Nancy's wishes should have been respected.

In the end, Nancy's love for her feline companions ensured that they would receive the care they needed. The legacy she left behind will provide for them and future owners who choose to adopt them.


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