Tiny Kitten Screams Every Day Until He Gets Back On His Paws


Approximately 3.4 million cats and kittens end up in shelters each year, but sadly, not all of them find forever homes. Out of this staggering number, only 1.3 million cats are lucky enough to be adopted. However, one small kitten beat the odds in a heartwarming story of resilience.

Andrea Christian, a foster volunteer at St. Francis Rescue in Tampa, Florida, received a call about a tiny kitten one day. Despite already having a full house of foster cats and kittens, Andrea couldn't turn him away, especially since no one else was willing to take him in. Together, they decided to fight against the odds.


Andrea quickly got an oxygen machine and set up a homemade oxygen incubator for the little kitten, named Karl. Despite having pneumonia, Karl showed incredible strength. He would scream to let Andrea know that he refused to give up. This determination helped clear his lungs and propel his recovery.

As Karl grew stronger, he became vocal about his needs and desires. He asked for food and other essentials without hesitation. Andrea couldn't have been prouder of his progress. Karl proved himself to be a fighter.

Eventually, Karl recovered fully and transformed into a playful kitten. He made friends with the other resident cats and learned from them.


Karl loved running and playing and always checked in with Andrea to make sure she was nearby. He adored ball toys and wrestled with stuffed animals.

When Karl was finally ready for adoption, no one showed interest, which broke Andrea's heart. But as they say, good things come to those who wait. Karl and Andrea now live a happy life together with their loving human. They have each other for playtime and cuddles whenever they desire.

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