Justin Bieber's Sentimental Tattoo Tribute to Selena Gomez Sparks Lovey-Dovey Hints with Benny Blanco


Justin Bieber recently showed a powerful message to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez through a new tattoo. The pop star got a tattoo that reads "Se" followed by a tiny black, shaded heart. This comes after Gomez was spotted getting cozy with her co-star Benny Blanco during the filming of their music video for their new song "Lovey Dovey." Bieber's tattoo seems to be a subtle nod to Gomez, as they had a tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship for many years.

The tattoo is located near Bieber's right wrist, in a spot that is very visible. It is speculated that the singer got the tattoo as a way to express his feelings towards Gomez.


Despite their past and the fact that they are no longer together, it seems that Bieber still has a soft spot for Gomez.

This gesture from Bieber comes shortly after Gomez made her relationship with Blanco public during the filming of their music video. In the video, they can be seen holding hands and acting affectionately towards each other. This display of affection seems to have triggered a response from Bieber, leading him to get the tattoo as a way to show his lingering feelings for Gomez.

Overall, Bieber's new tattoo is seen as a message to Gomez, expressing his continued love and attachment towards her. It serves as a reminder of their complicated history and the emotions that are still present between the two. Bieber's tattoo is a subtle way for him to convey his message to Gomez, even though they have moved on from their relationship.


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