Incredible Korean Fruit Cutting Mastery: Crafting Refreshing Juice for Street Food Delight


This article showcases the incredible fruit cutting skills of Korean street food vendors as they make fresh fruit juice. The process of making fruit juice from various fruits, including watermelons, is demonstrated in a visually captivating manner.

Korean street food has gained worldwide recognition for its unique and delicious offerings. Among these is the process of making fresh fruit juice, which is both entertaining and mouthwatering. Vendors in Korea have perfected the art of fruit cutting, and their skills are showcased in this article.

The video demonstrates the preparation of watermelon juice, starting with a large, juicy watermelon.


The vendor skillfully cuts off the bottom of the watermelon, creating a stable base. This ensures that the watermelon does not roll and provides a flat surface for cutting.

Next, the vendor takes a long, sharp knife and precisely slices off the top of the watermelon. This creates a wide opening that will be used later to scoop out the fruit. The vendor then sets the top aside and begins the process of carving out the inner flesh.

With swift and skilled movements, the vendor skillfully cuts through the flesh of the watermelon, creating small, bite-sized cubes. The watermelon's vibrant red hue contrasts beautifully against the vendor's knife, making the process visually stunning.


The vendor uses a mixture of precision and speed to swiftly cut through the watermelon, effortlessly creating uniform cubes. Once all the fruit has been diced, the vendor uses a large metal spoon to scoop out the cubes and transfer them into a blender.

The vendor adds some ice cubes to the blender, enhancing the cooling and refreshing effect of the drink. The blender is then switched on, and within seconds, the fruit and ice are transformed into a smooth, delicious juice.

The video concludes with a mesmerizing shot of the vendor pouring the freshly made watermelon juice into a tall glass. The vibrant pink color of the juice is visually appealing and represents the natural goodness of the fruit.


The demonstration of fruit cutting skills in Korean street food is truly amazing. The article highlights the precision and speed of the vendors as they transform a whole watermelon into a refreshing juice. These talented individuals not only captivate with their skills but also provide a visual feast for those fortunate enough to witness the process. The end result is a beautiful glass of freshly made watermelon juice that promises a burst of flavor and a cool respite from the heat.


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