Missing Cat Returns To His Owner After 536 Days And Their Reunion Is So Emotional


Cat owners Mindy and Luke Crinier were devastated when their ginger boy named Cat went missing. After 536 days of searching and losing hope, their beloved Cat miraculously returned home.

Cat had been adopted from a shelter and immediately connected with Mindy and Luke. But Cat's desire to explore began causing him to go away for extended periods of time. One day in May, Cat didn't return home for dinner, causing panic for his owners. They tried everything they could think of to find him, but no leads came up.

Cat had been microchipped and wore a collar, so Mindy and Luke hoped that someone would find him and reach out. Unfortunately, there were no calls. As months passed, Mindy started to lose hope of ever finding Cat.


Then, on Halloween, Mindy received a voicemail and an email saying that Cat had been found. Overwhelmed with emotion, Mindy rushed to Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter, only to discover that Cat was not there. The staff made calls and learned that a man in his 60s had found Cat after he was hit by a car and had kept him at his home until they could locate the owners.

Mindy quickly went to the man's house to reunite with Cat. The reunion was incredibly emotional, with Cat purring and jumping into Mindy's arms. They went home to Luke, and everything felt right again.

Mindy shared their story to give hope to others in similar situations and to highlight the importance of microchipping pets. She urges pet owners to have their pets microchipped and hopes that others who have unknowingly taken in someone else's pet will check for a microchip to reunite them with their families.

The Crinier family is grateful for Cat's safe return and hopes that their story will bring joy to others who are missing their pets.


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