Abandoned Kittens Kept Each Other Alive Until Help Arrived And Look At Them Now


Two abandoned kittens, named Buddha and Bonsai, have captured the hearts of many with their incredible bond and will to survive. Left outside with no sign of their mother, these kittens relied on each other for support until they were rescued.

Similar to the story of Mojo and Milo, two foster kittens I had, Buddha and Bonsai were inseparable. They were always together and their bond was unbreakable. Fortunately, Mojo and Milo found their forever home and their new owners say they still stick together wherever they go.

The same is true for Buddha and Bonsai. Even after they were saved, they refused to let go of each other. Worried about their wellbeing, the people who found them reached out to Melinda Blain, co-founder of Bottle Baby Fosters, for help.


Thanks to Melinda, these two kittens were immediately rescued. The tortie girl weighed only 85 grams and her brother weighed 120 grams, making her severely underweight for a five-day-old kitten. It is clear that Buddha and Bonsai kept each other alive during their time alone. They were saved just in the nick of time.

During their treatment, the tortie girl loved receiving belly rubs, which helped her relax and she would purr in response. Buddha, on the other hand, recovered quickly and continued to care for his little sister.

As they received more attention and love, Buddha and Bonsai began to feel safe and secure. They purred the minute they were picked up and seemed to understand that they were now in a loving environment.

Nowadays, Buddha and Bonsai do everything together as a pair. They are provided with everything they need and receive lots of love and attention. It is heartwarming to hear such positive news, and I hope that Buddha and Bonsai are still together, enjoying their time as a pair.


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