Disabled Cat Gently Asks For One Specific Thing Every Day


Every cat is special in its own way. Taylor's heartwarming story is about Penny, a sweet kitty with cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition affecting her movement and coordination. Despite this, Taylor fell in love with Penny's personality and decided to provide her with a loving home.

Penny, while dealing with her condition, remains vibrant and healthy. Taylor reassures that Penny is not in discomfort and emphasizes that it's Penny's personality that truly matters. Penny is super cuddly and loves asking for cuddles every day.

Through Penny's story, Taylor aims to raise awareness about special needs pets, highlighting that they deserve love and care just like any other pet.


She believes that special needs pets deserve a home and are strong and determined in their own ways.

Penny loves watching birds on the balcony and can be feisty with her little brother Kaz. Taylor and Penny share a strong bond since the day they met. Their story is a celebration of the unique and heartwarming connections that pets bring into our lives.

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