The Legendary Serpent: TWINKIE's Terrifying Adventure within The Reptile Sanctuary


TWINKIE the Monster Snake is a popular attraction at The Reptile Zoo in California. This enormous reticulated python, measuring 26 feet long and weighing 350 pounds, has captivated visitors with its impressive size and friendly demeanor. The snake's name, TWINKIE, was chosen by the zoo's staff due to its massive girth.

TWINKIE's journey to The Reptile Zoo began when its previous owner could no longer care for it. The zoo, known for providing a safe haven for abandoned reptiles, happily accepted TWINKIE. Despite its intimidating appearance, the snake is surprisingly docile and has become a favorite among visitors.


In fact, many people are even willing to pay extra to interact with TWINKIE up close.

Due to its size, TWINKIE requires a large enclosure, complete with heat lamps and a swimming pool. The zoo's team carefully monitors its health and provides regular meals, consisting of frozen rabbits and rats. TWINKIE's diet is carefully calculated to ensure its well-being and prevent overfeeding.

Although TWINKIE is an impressive snake, it pales in comparison to the record-holding reticulated python, which measured a whopping 30 feet long. Nonetheless, TWINKIE continues to astonish visitors with its immense size and gentle nature. Over the years, The Reptile Zoo has become a sanctuary for these abandoned creatures, providing them with a second chance at life while educating the public about these fascinating creatures.


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