Couple Worries Over Their Cat's Screams And The Vet Shocks Them


Meet Donut, the loud and energetic cat who has become a sensation. His unique talent for startling his owners with ear-piercing screams has gained him quite the following. Donut's owners describe his screams as something out of a horror movie, and they were curious to understand why he behaves this way. After a visit to the vet, they discovered that Donut is deaf.

Despite his deafness, Donut's bond with his owners remains strong. They have learned how to cater to a deaf cat and are mindful of how they wake him up or get his attention. They use gentle taps and gestures to communicate with him. Donut's owners joke about feeling like they're stalking him, as he cannot hear their movements.


Discovering Donut's deafness has deepened their understanding of his personality and love language. They have become more observant and caring towards him. They take him on walks and engage in various games to channel his energy. Donut behaves almost like a dog, enjoying the leash and even attempting to climb trees. Indoors, they play games and spend quality time with him.

Donut's owners have created a routine of morning cuddles, which brings joy to both them and Donut. They cherish their time with him and can't imagine life before him. Donut's unique tale has captivated many, and if you'd like to follow his daily adventures, you can find him on Instagram.

So, while Donut may be loud and energetic, his owners have embraced his deafness and learned how to provide the best care for him. They have created a loving and engaging environment that brings joy to both Donut and themselves every day.


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