People on TikTok Are Building Their Own Super Bowl Snack Stadiums


Everyone knows that the is just as much about the snacking as it is about watching your favorite players get a touchdown. Even a football-loving family like the Drummonds would agree: "Super Bowl Sunday is primarily about football," Ree Drummond says, "but following close behind is the food surrounding the big game."

And while anyone can open up a bag of pretzels or put out a plate of crudités any day of the week, if you want to take your to the next level, you'll need something a little more substantial for holding all the different types of chips, , , or whatever it is you want to serve on Super Bowl Sunday.


Enter: the Super Bowl Snack Stadium.

It's the biggest, most incredible spread of all artfully arranged in (you guessed it) a replica football stadium. But the question is—how do you make it? Don't worry, thanks to TikTok creators like , the viral snack stadium is easier than you might think! She uses a few simple items that you likely already have in your own home like empty soda or beer can boxes, loaf tins, and plastic cups.

All you need to do is break your soda can boxes in half, cut the front on a diagonal to create stadium seating, and wrap them in wrapping paper using your teams colors or simply line the inside with wax paper, if you prefer.


Then, fill up the stadium seats with anything from cut veggies to chips. The aluminum foil loaf tins are the perfect vessel for holding dips and plastic cups with streamers give your stadium extra flare. Plus, you can use a green table cloth or football-inspired runner for the center of the field.

Other TikTok creators (like ) have even gone so far as using a sheet pan filled with as the field instead.

"It was really fun, way easier than I expected, and it's really impressive looking for your Super Bowl party," @janelleandkate said at the end of the video.

If you're looking to win big on game day, then you'll definitely need to snack big too.

Build Your Own Snack Stadium

Football Table Runner

Dr Pepper Soda 12 fl oz Cans

Hefty EZ Foil Aluminum Foil Loaf Pans

JAM Paper Gift Wrap Striped Wrapping Paper

Football Table Centerpieces

Gold Foil Spray Centerpiece


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