Laura Fraser & Ella Maisy Purvis Team For Cop Drama Series ‘Patience’ From Eagle Eye, PBS & Beta Film


Laura Fraser of Breaking Bad and Ella Maisy Purvis of Malpractice will star as a detective duo in the upcoming drama series Patience. The show is a six-part series produced by Eagle Eye Drama, PBS Distribution, and Beta Film.

Filming for Patience is currently taking place in Belgium, with plans to move to York in the UK in the spring. PBS Distribution will hold the North American rights to the show, which will air on PBS and stream on various PBS platforms.

In the series, Fraser will play Detective Bea Metcalf, who teams up with Purvis' character Patience Evans, a young autistic police archivist.


Patience works in the criminal records department of Yorkshire Police and is known for her brilliant problem-solving skills and keen eye for crime scenes. Metcalf recognizes her talent and together they investigate cases in the historic city of York.

The show will feature neuro-diverse actors in neuro-divergent roles, including Purvis. Patience is the latest project from the collaboration between Eagle Eye and Beta, following successful series like Professor T and Hotel Portofino. Maarten Moerkerke is directing the series, which is adapted from the French series Astrid and Raphaelle.

Executive producers Jo McGrath and Walter Iuzzolino have high hopes for the series and are excited to bring it to a global audience. McGrath describes Patience as a heart-warming crime drama with a unique perspective, while Oliver Bachert of Beta Film praises it as an original take on the crime drama genre with a female twist. The show promises to be entertaining for all crime fans and features a talented cast of both seasoned and fresh actors.


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