Selena Gomez Comes to Taylor Swift's Defense Amid Hailey Bieber's Disparaging Remarks

Selena Gomez has come to the defense of her close friend Taylor Swift after Hailey Bieber made negative remarks about her. In a recent interview, Bieber mentioned that she found it frustrating when people tried to make Swift's feud with Scooter Braun, her former music manager, into a bigger deal than it actually was. Gomez, however, took to social media to express her support for Swift.

The drama between Swift and Braun started when he acquired the rights to her master recordings, something Swift vehemently opposed. She felt betrayed, as she claimed Braun had been involved in bullying her in the past. Gomez, who has always been supportive of her friend's battles, called out Bieber's comments, stating that women should support other women instead of tearing them down.

Gomez's post resonated with her followers, many of whom commended her for speaking up. They praised her for her loyalty and support towards Swift, as well as her advocating for female empowerment. The fans were quick to remind Bieber that Gomez and Swift's friendship dates back to their teenage years, making it evident that Gomez has a deeper understanding of the situation.

This is not the first time Gomez has defended Swift. In the past, when Swift was embroiled in public feuds, Gomez was always there to defend and uplift her. Their bond goes beyond just being friends; they have supported each other through personal and professional challenges.

The incident also highlighted the ongoing debate within the music industry about artists' rights to their own music. Swift's fight against Braun brought attention to the issue of ownership and control in the industry. Many artists have faced similar battles, leading to discussions and calls for change.

While Bieber didn't directly attack Swift, her comments sparked controversy and attracted criticism. Some argued that she should have remained neutral or shown support for both parties, while others praised her for speaking her mind.

In conclusion, Selena Gomez defended her friend Taylor Swift after Hailey Bieber made negative comments about her. Gomez voiced her support for Swift and advocated for women supporting other women. This incident drew attention to the ongoing debate about artists' rights and ownership in the music industry. Gomez's loyalty and friendship with Swift have been evident throughout their years of knowing each other, with Gomez consistently defending and uplifting Swift.

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