‘Outlander’ Recap: A Near-Death Experience Leads to Revelations in ‘Monsters and Heroes’


Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen the latest episode of "Outlander" Season 5, titled "Monsters and Heroes."

In this episode, the main characters are grappling with finding their purpose. Jamie, Roger, Fergus, Ian, and the twins set out to hunt buffalo. Jamie and Roger get separated from the group, and Jamie gets bitten by a snake. Roger tries to suck out the venom and sends for help. Luckily, Ian and Fergus find them and bring Jamie back to Claire.

Jamie struggles to fight off the venom and an infection sets in his leg. Claire can't administer penicillin due to a damaged syringe.


It becomes a waiting game to see if Jamie's body can fight off the infection. The possibility of amputation arises, and Jamie is torn. Ultimately, a near-death experience makes Jamie realize that being a husband and father is enough of a purpose for him.

Meanwhile, Brianna feels lost in her path to becoming an engineer but finds a solution using snake fangs as syringes. Together with Claire, they save Jamie's life. Roger, on the other hand, vows to kill Stephen Bonnet, but his moral dilemma is highlighted by Jamie's words.

The episode showcases the strength and resourcefulness of the women at Fraser's Ridge, with Bree and Claire taking charge in challenging situations. As the men prepare for war, it's evident that the women are more than capable of holding their own. Stay tuned for more "Outlander" on Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.


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