Cat Hides From Her Foster Mom For A Year And Then Does This…


I had a cat who hid from us for a couple of months, similar to what happened with Gia. Gia was a kitten given to Stacia by her uncle. Initially, Gia hid in the bathroom, finding comfort on top of the mirror. Slowly, she started exploring at night, playing with toys and enjoying her new surroundings.

Despite Stacia's efforts to bond with Gia, the cat remained scared and hid under the couch during the day. Stacia even sought help from a "cat whisperer" named Suzy. Through patient petting and play, Stacia slowly gained Gia's trust.

After a year of progress, Stacia couldn't bear to part with Gia. She realized that Gia had found her forever home with her. Gia now happily enjoys pets and life with Stacia, proving that patience and love can help even the most frightened cat come out of their shell.


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