Family Says Goodbye To Their Beloved Cat But Destiny Brings Them Another One


Losing a beloved cat feels like losing a family member. When the family's cherished cat, Zissou, became sick and didn't make it, they were devastated. But eventually, they decided to visit a local Petsmart to see if they might find another cat to love. They allowed Roux into their hearts, even though they were still grieving.

Every cat has a unique way of providing love to their humans. The girl and Roux formed a bond and became good friends, just like the girl and Zissou once were.

The author also relates their own experience of losing a furry companion, Bella, and how they were able to find healing by remembering Bella's friendly and affectionate personality. Bella inspired the author's love for cats, and they now see her influence in all the stray kittens they encounter.


The author concludes by sending a message to Zissou, hoping that he is having a great time wherever he is, and asking him to say hi to Bella.

In memory of Zissou, the family welcomes Roux into their hearts, forming a bond just like the one they once had with their beloved cat. Losing a cat is never easy, but finding love and happiness with a new furry companion can help ease the pain.


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