Watch This Scruffy Feral Cat Transform Into A Blue-Eyed Beauty


Every day, more abandoned cats and kittens are left to fend for themselves. But for one lucky kitty, their life was transformed when they were rescued. Jaina, from Cats of San Bernardino, shared the heartwarming story of this cat's journey to recovery.

When Jaina found the cat, it was in a terrible condition. The poor animal had never had contact with humans before and was extremely scared. The cat also had a severe eye infection that rendered it unable to see. This made it even more difficult to catch the cat. But Jaina refused to give up. She knew this cat needed her help.

After numerous attempts, Jaina finally managed to catch the frightened feline.


They named him Apollo and immediately began treating his eye infection. Despite his fear, Apollo allowed the rescuers to help him.

With proper treatment, Apollo quickly started to feel better. However, he remained antisocial and would try to hide or run away. Understanding that this was normal behavior, the rescuers patiently gave Apollo time to adjust to his new life.

Now, Apollo is a completely different cat. Physically and emotionally transformed, he has become more social and playful. He runs around with the other kittens and enjoys tickles and pets. The difference in Apollo's well-being and happiness is a testament to the love and care invested in him.


Pollie, as he is now known, is living a comfortable and happy life. He can finally see and is surrounded by love. The story of his transformation serves as a reminder of the power of rescuing and caring for abandoned animals.

As Jaina aptly said, if more cats could be as fortunate as Pollie, the world would be a better place.


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