Stray Kitten Interrupts Reporter’s Live TV Broadcast, Meowing For Attention


Detroit reporter Nima Shaffe had a surprise guest during his live TV broadcast. An adorable stray kitten made a cameo appearance, capturing the hearts of viewers. After the broadcast, Nima and his crew discovered that the kitten was a stray in need of a home.

The kitten, named Lucky 7, quickly gained online attention as people inquired about her well-being. Nima provided updates, confirming that Lucky 7 was safe and being cared for. The CEO of the Humane Society of Huron Valley ensured that Lucky 7 received veterinary care, vaccinations, and was placed in a foster home. Once fully grown, Lucky 7 will be available for adoption.

Perhaps Lucky 7's loud meows during the broadcast were a cry for help, tired of life on the streets and seeking a rescue. Whatever the reason, Lucky 7's story warmed the hearts of many. Share your thoughts on this heartwarming tale and watch Nima's broadcast for more details.


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