Say 'Cheers!' to Thanksgiving With a Round of These Cocktails

Danielle Daly

After planning your —brining your turkey, rolling out pie dough, chopping the veggies—you might feel plenty relieved when everything makes it to the table in time. Phew! The hard work is done and now it's time to sit back and relax. And what better way to do that than with a in hand?

Sure, you'll want to have bottles of water, soda pop, and on your , but there's something so festive about serving up one of these Thanksgiving drinks for your guests to enjoy, too. Whether it's a for the kids table or a cocktail featuring your favorite spirit, there's something for everyone to say 'Cheers!' We have ideas for bubbly , seasonal , and that will please a crowd. Looking for a cocktail filled with holiday flavor? Every drink on this list is guaranteed to give you festive Thanksgiving vibes. Think: , , and . Even the classic cocktails have a Thanksgiving twist, like the cranberry thyme gin and tonic and the apple cider sangria. If sweet drinks are more your speed, try the pumpkin pie martini that doubles as a . It's a perfect , too. Heck, serving up a Thanksgiving cocktail might just become your favorite new tradition!

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