Pregnant Semi-Feral Cat Was Scared Stiff Until She Realized Her New Hooman Meant Safety


Emilie, a dedicated rescuer and foster mom, recently shared a heartwarming story about a cat named Persephone, who was initially semi-feral and scared. Emilie knew that pushing too much to comfort her would only scare her more, so she decided to give her some time to calm down and relax.

After patiently waiting, Persephone finally decided to trust Emilie, and her walls came down. Emilie was overjoyed at the progress Persephone had made. They continued to wait for Persephone to deliver her babies, and fortunately, she was active and responsive, indicating that nothing was emergent.

Finally, after what seemed like a series of false alarms, Persephone gave birth to three tiny kittens overnight.


Emilie was prepared for the worst but was delighted with the arrival of the kittens. She introduced them to her Instagram followers, celebrating the incredible journey of Persephone from scared and semi-feral to a nurturing mother.

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