Blake Exotics: A Feeding Frenzy at The Reptile Zoo


Blake Exotics, a reptile zoo located in Idaho, has gained attention for its unique approach to feeding its animals. Unlike traditional zoos, where the animals are fed a standard diet of commercially available pre-packaged food, Blake Exotics takes a more hands-on approach to ensure its reptiles receive the best nutrition possible.

The zoo owner, Blake Russell, believes that a varied and natural diet is important for the health and wellbeing of reptiles. He personally selects and prepares the food for each animal, taking into account their individual needs and preferences. This includes a wide range of insects, rodents, and even live fish.


Feeding time at Blake Exotics is a spectacle in itself, with visitors often lining up to watch the feeding process. Russell uses long tweezers to hand-feed the reptiles, ensuring they get the right amount of food and that it is distributed evenly. He takes the time to observe how each animal eats, ensuring that they are able to consume their food properly.

While this approach to feeding may seem unconventional to some, Russell believes it is essential for the overall health and happiness of the animals in his care. By providing them with a varied and natural diet, he believes the reptiles are healthier and more active.

Overall, Blake Exotics is dedicated to giving its reptiles the best possible care, and this extends to their feeding habits. By taking a personal approach to feeding, Russell ensures that each animal receives the proper nutrition and care it needs to thrive.


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