Organizing my Vast Eyeshadow Palette Assortment: Purging Over 100+ Palettes

In this article, the author discusses their eyeshadow palette collection and the process of decluttering it. The main focus is on getting rid of over 100 eyeshadow palettes.

The author begins by expressing their love for eyeshadow palettes and how they have collected a large number over the years. However, they realize that having so many palettes is unnecessary and overwhelming. They decide to take on the challenge of decluttering their collection and getting rid of more than 100 palettes.

To start the decluttering process, the author sets specific goals and guidelines for themselves. They decide to only keep the palettes they truly enjoy using and ones that are still in good condition. They also consider factors such as duplicate shades and overall versatility of each palette. By creating these guidelines, the author is able to better focus on their goal of downsizing their collection.

As the author goes through each palette, they evaluate its quality and if it brings them joy. Some palettes are easy to let go of, as they no longer enjoy the shades or find the formula to be subpar. However, there are also palettes that hold sentimental value or have shades they really love. These become more difficult to part with, but the author remains determined to simplify their collection.

Throughout the process, the author reflects on the reasons behind their excessive collection. They realize that trends, influencers, and the fear of missing out played a significant role in their impulse buying. They acknowledge that this behavior is not sustainable and aim to be more intentional about future purchases.

As the decluttering continues, the author categorizes the palettes into three groups: keep, sell, and donate. They decide to keep a select few palettes that meet their guidelines and bring them genuine joy. The rest are either sold or donated to friends, family, or local organizations.

In the end, the author successfully declutters their collection and is left with a more manageable number of palettes that truly align with their preferences and needs. They express a sense of relief and the freedom that comes with letting go of excess. They learn the valuable lesson of being mindful about their purchases and are grateful for the experience.

Overall, this article highlights the journey of decluttering a large eyeshadow palette collection and the importance of intentionality and mindfulness in future purchases. The author successfully lets go of over 100 palettes and is left with a curated collection that brings them joy and practicality.

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