Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Extravaganza | Over 300 Collections Explored & Streamlined!

This article discusses the vast eyeshadow palette collection of the author and their process of decluttering. The author claims to possess over 300 palettes and provides an overview of their collection, which includes both high-end and affordable brands. They also mention their motivation to declutter and organize their collection.

The author begins by acknowledging the excessive size of their palette collection and admits to feeling overwhelmed by it. They express a desire to bring order to their makeup collection and create a more manageable and functional system. As a result, they decide to embark on a decluttering journey.

To start the decluttering process, the author takes all of their eyeshadow palettes and sorts them accordingly. They categorize the palettes based on different criteria such as brand, color scheme, and overall quality. By doing so, the author gains a better understanding of their collection and can evaluate each palette more effectively.

As they go through the palettes, the author explains their decision-making process. They consider factors like the age of the palette, pigmentation, formula, and overall appeal. By carefully evaluating each palette, the author can determine which ones warrant keeping and which ones should be removed from their collection.

Throughout the decluttering process, the author emphasizes the importance of only keeping palettes that bring joy and are actively used. This allows them to eliminate palettes that are rarely touched or have similar shades to those in other palettes. By doing this, the author not only reduces the size of their collection but also ensures that the palettes they own are of higher quality and genuinely loved.

The author also highlights the significance of donating or giving away palettes that are not being used. They understand that someone else can benefit from these unused palettes and that it would be wasteful to leave them untouched. By sharing their decluttering journey and encouraging others to do the same, the author hopes to inspire their readers to create a more curated and purposeful makeup collection.

In the end, the author successfully declutters their eyeshadow palette collection and achieves a more organized and manageable system. They reflect on the process, expressing relief and satisfaction with the outcome. Ultimately, the article serves as both a personal account of the author's palette collection and a guide for those looking to declutter and streamline their own makeup collections.

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