Tiny Kitten Found Barely Breathing Proved To Be A Fighter

Dawn Firestone has an inspiring and heartwarming story to share about a small, helpless kitten that captured her heart. This tiny furball, barely a few days old with closed eyes, was found in a critical condition. But against all odds, this resilient little kitty defied expectations and proved to be a true fighter.

Dawn fondly recalls the early days, when she first laid eyes on the struggling kitten. "When I found him, he was barely breathing, gasping for air every 10 to 15 seconds. In that moment, I made a promise to him, 'If you make it, I promise to give you the best life ever.' And then, he started meowing ever so slightly." Dawn named him Rocky.

Rocky's journey to recovery was far from easy. He was rescued just in time and had to overcome numerous challenges. One major obstacle was his difficulty with feeding. Dawn remembers those tough moments, saying, "I had to slowly dribble milk into his mouth, hoping that he would lick it. It was a struggle. I would squeeze, he would suck, and then suddenly stop."

Despite these early hardships, Rocky's determination shone through. Day by day, he grew stronger, thanks to the love and care provided by his dedicated human family. Dawn proudly recalls, "He started eating a little bit of wet food and formula on his own, although he would still get it all over his face."

As Rocky improved, another concern arose. Whenever he tried to walk, his hindquarters would slump to the ground. Alarmed, Dawn sought the help of a neurologist and arranged for an X-ray. Surprisingly, the results contradicted what both she and the vet had observed. When gently squeezed, Rocky would react, indicating that he could indeed feel some sensation.

To assist Rocky's leg muscles and help him regain his strength, Dawn acquired a wheelchair. She explains, "I don't leave it on him for too long as he's not used to using his legs all the time. I want to ensure his muscles don't get sore. But he definitely realizes the difference when he's in the wheelchair because he's learned that if he gets tired, he can walk over to his bed."

Dawn embodies the spirit of a determined and responsible cat parent. She tirelessly encourages Rocky to move and exercise, fostering the hope that his nerves will regenerate and regain full functionality.

Despite his physical challenges, Rocky zooms around the house, playing just like any other energetic kitten. Dawn proudly declares, "He could run around all day if he wanted to. He's unbreakable, unstoppable, just like Rocky from the movies."

But Rocky's remarkable qualities don't end there. He also possesses a sweet and friendly nature, making him an absolute joy to be around. If this heartwarming story has touched your heart, check out Happy Whisker for more similar content that celebrates the resilience and spirit of animals.

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