This Millionaire's Shortbread Recipe Is Pure Gold

Danielle Daly

For fans of Twix bars—shortbread bars layered up with and coated in chocolate—this millionaire shortbread was made for you! This  can be sliced up into any size you prefer, making it the perfect , , or unique addition to a .

What is millionaire’s shortbread?

This treat is made up of three distinct layers. It starts with buttery shortbread pressed into a 13-by-9-inch pan. This size pan may seem large, but you’ll want to make plenty since these will go fast! The second layer is a soft, chewy caramel layer that is surprisingly easy to make on the stove. Simpler than fudge, a combination of sweetened condensed milk, butter, corn syrup, brown sugar, and heavy cream boils into a thick . Make sure the shortbread is set and ready because this caramel needs to be poured on immediately! The final layer is a dark chocolate ganache that balances the buttery shortbread and the sweet caramel. The heavy cream and coconut oil make the ganache shine and is easier to cut than melted chocolate alone. Finally, a nice sprinkle of salt always compliments caramel and chocolate.

Why is it called millionaire’s shortbread?

Also called caramel shortbread, millionaire’s slice, and Wellington squares, among other things, these treats are adapted from traditional Scottish shortbread. The “millionaire” portion of the name is likely because of the level of decadence to the almost . They are closely associated with Australian, New Zealand, and Scottish cuisine. If you’re the first visitor to a house on New Year’s Day in a Scottish home, you might be lucky enough to be treated to some millionaire shortbread. Now that’s a happy new year!

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