It's Persimmon Season! These Recipes Will Make it Your New Favorite Fruit

The Picture Pantry/Alanna Taylor-Tobin // Getty Images

Bright orange in color and delicately sweet in flavor—persimmons are a prized treat during the months between October and January. But don't worry if you haven't tried this ! Persimmons are often consider pretty mysterious for most people shopping at the grocery store. They look kind of like orange tomatoes, but they have a honey-sweet flavor that's perfect for both sweet and savory dishes. With the persimmon recipes below, we'll show you the best ways to use them.

But first, ? The fall fruit is native to China but you can find them grown on trees in parts of the United States. You'll often find two specific varieties grown here: Hachiya and Fuyu persimmons. If you see Hachiya persimmon at your supermarket, wait until they're very soft (almost mushy) to enjoy the sweet honey flavor. On the other hand, Fuyu persimmons are closer in similarities to apples and can be eaten when firm. Whether you're new to persimmons or a long-time fan, these recipes will provide some creative inspiration to try this fall. If you're looking for a sweet dessert or idea, try the persimmon cookies, chai spiced persimmon oatmeal, or the persimmon pudding with sticky toffee sauce. Then again, don't forget that persimmons can add a pop of sweetness to savory chutneys, , or even a Thanksgiving charcuterie board. In fact, you'll never believe how delicious persimmons can be when used in , yogurt bowls, and even .

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