This Snack Map of America Shows the Most Popular Bites in Each State


Whether they're melt-in-your-mouth sweet or salty with a satisfying crunch, we sure do love our snacks. So, it's a pretty good thing there's so many of them to choose from. You can grab a handful of like potato chips, pretzels, or popcorn to satisfy a craving, nibble on like fruit and nuts or combine them both with a convenient bag of . And don't forget the candy!

There's even a special day dedicated to all that marvelous munching. That's right! March 4 is National Snack Day. And ahead of the celebration, has released data showing the most popular snacks in each state in 2024. A snack study, if you will.


Or given the info comes in the form of a map, the snackscape of America!


No matter what you call it, the choice is clear: are the most loved snack across the country. The sweet treat takes the number one spot in 18 states from coast to coast, including Alaska, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, and so many others. How snacktastic is that?

Coming in second place is Doritos! The flavored tortilla chips are favored in 16 states, mostly in the South. Rounding out the top three, we have Cheetos ruling the Southwest as the top pick in eight states. As for Ree's home state of Oklahoma, Fritos are the winner! Once you've had The Pioneer Woman's


, you'll definitely understand. The corn chips are also the most popular snack in South Dakota and Wyoming.

Next, we've got Chex Mix, which won three states: Montana, North Dakota, and Hawaii. We also have to give an honorable mention to Lay's, which left their mark on New York and Connecticut. Last but not least, the cereal Cheerios secured itself as the go-to snack in New Jersey. A few other favorites that didn't rank number one, but made the top five in a number of states are Goldfish, Pringles, Tostitos, Starburst, and Chips Ahoy!

Suddenly feeling snackish? You aren't alone. The study also revealed that 73% of consumers indulge in snacking at least twice a day. So, go ahead and join the fun by grabbing your favorite or . And while you're at it, check out !


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