Get a Head Start on Thanksgiving With These Make-Ahead Dishes

Caitlin Bensel

Don't save all your cooking for ! We promise that adding a few make-ahead Thanksgiving recipes to your will help you stay sane during the busy holiday rush. It's the reason why we created a to plot out the dishes you can make in the days leading up to the big feast. And, it's exactly what Ree Drummond does with her . "To make the day run smoothly, I have to start early," she says. You can get ahead on cooking by making Ree's favorite turkey brine or start on some dishes that can be made entirely in advance like creamy mashed potatoes.

Whether it's your first time as host or you're just looking for a few dishes to bring to a , these make-ahead recipes will help you get a jump start on Thanksgiving. Plus, choosing a few of these make-ahead Thanksgiving recipes means you'll have more space in the oven for anything you want to whip up at the last-minute. Here, you'll find , appetizers, desserts, and even the ! Just be sure to check out our tips for and you'll be good to go. Of course, a side of make-ahead gravy couldn't hurt either. If the sound of all these dishes is enough to make you hungry, check out our ideas for prepping your whole Thanksgiving feast ahead of time.

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