Slow Cooker Pot Roast Is the Ultimate Set-and-Forget Meal

Family-friendly  will never fall out of favor and this slow cooker pot roast is one of the best you'll ever try. This recipe takes traditional, fall-apart-tender  from the oven to the  making it the ultimate fix-it-and-forget-it Sunday meal. After all, chuck roast was practically made for the Crock-Pot. Lots of marbling throughout means big flavor, plus it becomes meltingly tender when cooked for hours at a low temperature. Serve it on a Sunday, for a simple holiday meal, or any time you crave truly classic . The whole family will beg for it again and again.

Do you have to brown pot roast before slow cooking it?

It seems like a fussy step, but browning the chuck roast in a skillet first leads to a delicious payoff in the end. Those browned bits in the pan are packed with rich, caramelized flavor—be sure to scrape them up once you add the beef broth (this also makes the pan much easier to clean). 

Should I flip my pot roast in the slow cooker?

Once this pot roast is snug in a slow cooker, there's no need to flip it. It cooks evenly untouched, and that's what makes this dish so easy!

What cut of meat is best for pot roast?

Chuck roast is best for a slow cooked pot roast. Chuck is a tougher cut that takes time to break down. It's also one of the more flavorful and affordable cuts—a win-win for any . 

Should you add vegetables to a pot roast?

Absolutely! The veggies get infused with so much flavor cooking alongside the roast. Make some rice or mashed potatoes, if you like, and dinner is served! Be sure to leave the veggies in halves or big chunks, and to pile them on top and around the roast. That way, they'll cook more gently (through steaming rather than simmering in the broth) and won't fall apart by the time the meat is done. 

What can you do with leftover pot roast?

Try shredding leftover pot roast and stirring into pasta, filling tacos or , or piling on top of a hoagie roll with lettuce and tomato. Use leftover drippings, called jus, as a or the base for a quick gravy. 

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