Justin Bieber's Reaction to Selena Gomez's Boyfriend Benny Blanco's Emmy Red Carpet Incident


Justin Bieber has expressed his reaction to the incident where Selena Gomez's boyfriend, Benny Blanco, was kicked off the red carpet at the Emmy Awards. Bieber took to social media to share his thoughts on the matter.

The incident occurred when Blanco attempted to walk the red carpet with Gomez, but was abruptly stopped by security. This incident caught Bieber's attention, as Gomez is his former girlfriend.

Bieber posted on his Instagram story, stating that he had just heard about the incident and was shocked. He expressed his support for Blanco, mentioning that he is a talented artist. Bieber also added that he hopes Gomez's team resolves the situation as soon as possible.


Blanco, a well-known musician and producer, has gained popularity in the music industry. His relationship with Gomez became public earlier this year.

The event has sparked speculation about how Bieber truly feels about Gomez's new relationship. Despite their past history, Bieber has shown maturity and support towards Gomez and Blanco. He has previously mentioned that he wishes her the best in her romantic life.

Ultimately, the incident at the Emmy Awards serves as a reminder that Gomez and Blanco's relationship continues to make headlines and attract attention from their fans. Bieber's reaction only adds to the intrigue and interest surrounding the situation.


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