Recycled Halloween Crafts Are Fun and Cheap!

If you want to decorate for Halloween without breaking the bank, get festive with one of these 25+ recycled Halloween crafts!

Halloween is the time of year when the ghosts come out to play and our creative spirits rise from the depths.

It’s all about , candy, and, of course, spine-chilling decorations. But here’s a thought: why not blend the spooky spirit of Halloween with the magic of recycling?

That’s right, I’m talking about recycled Halloween crafts that turn ‘trash’ into ‘treasure.’

Imagine turning the mundane items cluttering up your home into the basis of your . Old t-shirts, empty milk jugs, and wine bottles – the possibilities are as endless as they are eerie.

isn’t just about being eco-friendly (though that’s a big win); it’s about seeing the hidden potential in everyday objects. It’s about challenging your creativity

In this post, I’m thrilled to share with you a cauldron’s worth of recycled Halloween craft ideas.

Whether you’re decking out your haunt for a ghoulish gathering or just looking to add a touch of the macabre to your everyday ambiance, these projects are your ticket to a frightfully fun time.

They’re proof that with a little imagination, anything can become a part of your .

So, grab your , summon your inner witch or warlock, and get ready to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

And don’t forget – I’m dying to know which craft bewitches you the most, so share your favorites in the comments. Let the hauntingly creative fun begin!

Recycled Halloween Crafts

Tap into this treasure trove of over 25 innovative recycled Halloween craft ideas - infuse your space with a spooky flair without breaking the bank.


Book Page Pumpkin

Book pages are used in so many decorations and work with a variety of decor. In this tutorial, make a fun fall book page pumpkin!


Milk Jug Skeleton

Learn how to make a skeleton for your Halloween decor out of old milk jugs! This is a budget friendly holiday activity.


Spell Book

Photo Credit:

Create a creepy fun spell book to leave open as a decoration. This mixed media creation starts as a regular book you no longer want!


Halloween Luminaries

Photo Credit:

Steve Carrell

You can use any recycled glass jars along with tissue paper and decoupage medium to make these festive lanterns.


Skull Chair

Photo Credit:

Do you have a chair that is beyond repair? Upcycle it into a fun . This is a really fun idea!


Skull Bean Art for Halloween Decor

Learn how to make the coolest skull bean art for spooky decorating! It’s made with real beans and cardboard from the recycling bin. There’s a free template included.


Potion Bottles

Photo Credit:

Steve Carrell

Learn how to make these cool Halloween potion bottles from old pill bottles! These would look cool surrounding the spell book earlier in this post. Bonus? You’ll get free printables in this post, too.


Ghost Book Pop Up

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You can make an awesome Halloween centerpiece out of an old torn or damaged book. To make, cut two basic shapes from pages in the middle of a book, leaving the bottoms attached to the pages. It's a perfect haunting centerpiece.


Wine Cork Skeleton

Learn how to make a that is perfect for your Halloween decor! It's an easy and budget friendly holiday project.


Plastic Bottle Planters

Photo Credit:

Here’s a fun upcycling idea: make a Halloween herb garden from recycled planters! You can use any characters that you like, and both kids and adults love this project.


Halloween Wreath

Photo Credit:

If you have a bag of plastic bags like I do, you can make this perfect recycled ! It's nice if you have bags of a lot of different colors, including black.


Paper Halloween Lanterns

Learn how to make these cute paper luminaries for Halloween using bags and permanent markers! Free templates included.


Recycled Gothic Halloween Bowl

Photo Credit:

Use old paper bags and Mod Podge Stiffy to create a gothic inspired candy bowl. Perfect for holding Halloween candy or anything else you like.


Mummy Luminaries

Photo Credit:

Courtney Sanchez

You can make these Halloween luminaries on a budget, in three steps! Kids will love these mummy mason jars too.


Halloween Night Light

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Turn old baby food jars into the most adorable night lights ever. Will you be my Frankenstein? I absolutely love this Halloween night light!


Paper Bag Bowls

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These cute Halloween bowls are easy to make with paper bags and acrylic craft paint. You can use these cute bowls for trick or treating.


Monster Napkin Rings

Photo Credit:

Heather Dean

These monster themed Halloween napkin rings are fun for both adults and children to make! Perfect for a spooky soirée, holiday kids’ craft, or other fun celebration.


Black Cat Container

Need some duct tape crafts that are perfect for Halloween? Start with this recycled container – kids will love it, and it’s easy for any age.


Keyboard Pumpkin

Photo Credit:

Plenty of thrift stores have old keyboards – and you can use the keys to make a fun pumpkin! I'm wondering what other Halloween crafts I can make out of keys . . .


Jack O Lantern

Photo Credit:

Amanda Formaro

Turn an empty kid's juice box into a fun pumpkin decoration for Halloween. This would be a fun Halloween party project. You can also make these with unopened juice boxes, just leave an area open at the top for the straw!


Halloween Ornaments

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In this budget friendly, recycled Halloween craft, you’ll use Mod Podge and old to make these cool Halloween ornaments!


Witch's Potion Bottles

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I can't believe these are just burned out flood light bulbs! Such a fun idea. These upcycled potion bottles make great Halloween decorations, party decorations, or props for imaginative play.


Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns

Photo Credit:

Don’t throw those old wine bottles away – add paint to turn them into pumpkin creatures. You can also add wine bottle lights to turn them into lanterns.


Monster Mash

Photo Credit:

Use old plastic bottles and your favorite paint colors to make these candy holding monsters. Warning that these Halloween creatures are really hungry and they love sugar!


Outdoor Ghosts

Photo Credit:

Turn leftover fence pieces into outdoor Halloween decorations! Just use a jigsaw to create some unique shapes and paint them.


Witches Potion Bottles

Photo Credit:

Use an assortment of old bottles along with matte black paint to create these potion bottles. They make a nice Halloween display when grouped together on a tray.


Trick or Treat Bag

Photo Credit:

Steve Carrell

Learn how to make this EASY DIY trick or treat bag – two ways – with Duck Tape! This ghost version glows in the dark!


Jack-O-Lantern Wall Art

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An old metal strainer gets a new life as a jack-o-lantern sign or wall art! Add some protective sealer and you can throw this recycled Halloween craft on your front door.


Halloween Pinata

Make a mini DIY pinata using a toilet paper roll and some creativity! This is so fun for Halloween, but can be adapted to other occasions and holidays.


Outdoor Pumpkins

Photo Credit:

Can you guess what these cute pumpkins are made from? Ceiling fan blades! Don't throw them out, create some really cute fan blade art for Halloween.

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