This Couple Built An Insulated Winter House For A Stray Cat In Their Yard


Danica and Chris discovered a stray cat wandering around their yard and decided to help him. They started by leaving food and water under a tree for the cat, who they affectionately named Fat Billy. However, as winter approached, Danica became concerned for his well-being and came up with a plan to build him a cozy shelter.

Using leftover materials, Danica and Chris designed and built an insulated house for Fat Billy from scratch. They placed the house in their yard and eagerly waited to see if he would approve. It took several days, along with the enticement of wet food, for Fat Billy to finally venture inside the house.


Danica understood that introducing a new structure near his feeding spot might be overwhelming for a skittish cat like Fat Billy. She gave him time to adjust and eventually, he found comfort in the shelter.

Even though Fat Billy is a stray, he is well-fed thanks to kind individuals like Danica and Chris. They continue to keep an eye out for him and he shows his gratitude from a safe distance.

This heartwarming tale showcases the compassion and dedication of Danica and Chris towards helping Fat Billy. They transformed their desire to assist a stray cat into a project where they designed and built a custom winter shelter. Their efforts not only provide a warm refuge for Fat Billy in the cold months but also showcase the importance of kindness towards animals in need.

As the winter progresses, Danica and Chris will continue to care for Fat Billy and ensure he is safe and comfortable. Their story serves as an inspiration for others to help animals in whatever way they can, no matter how small.


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