"12 Cats Lady" Has Everyone In Awe With Her Majestic Persian Cats


Michelle, a self-proclaimed "full-time cat mom," is the proud owner of 12 Persian cats. She shares glimpses of her life with her furry friends on Instagram, breaking the "crazy cat lady" stereotype. Michelle's love for cats began when she rescued her first cat, Yuki, from the side of the road in 2010. She then decided to adopt two more chinchilla Persians and eventually ended up with a total of 12 cats, including their kittens.

To get all 12 cats to look at the camera for photos, Michelle waves their favorite feather toy and calls the names of those who aren't paying attention. While some people find her collection of cats cute and cool, others consider it weird and think Michelle is crazy.


However, Michelle is happy and doesn't care about other people's opinions.

Mealtime can be a challenge with so many cats, but Michelle knows each cat's appetite and adjusts their portions accordingly. She makes sure to put more food in the bowls of the cats who eat a lot to prevent them from stealing from other cats.

If you want to see more of Michelle and her adorable feline companions, you can check out her Instagram profile. Share this heartwarming story with your friends and spread the joy of Michelle's unique cat family.


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