The Allure of Rip Wheeler: Yellowstone Star Cole Hauser Shares Women's Fascination


Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser has revealed why women are so infatuated with his character, Rip Wheeler. In an interview, Hauser explained that Rip's rugged and mysterious persona attracts women, despite his flawed personality. Hauser believes that Rip's enigmatic qualities, combined with his loyalty and protectiveness, make him desirable to female viewers.

According to Hauser, Rip's troubled past adds depth to his character and appeals to women's nurturing instincts. He also thinks that Rip's vulnerability and emotional baggage make him relatable and intriguing. Hauser further added that Rip's interactions with the female characters on the show create an emotional bond, making fans feel connected to him.


Hauser acknowledged that Rip is imperfect and has made mistakes in the show, but he believes that the character's redeeming qualities, such as his commitment and loyalty to the Dutton family, make him irresistible. He described Rip as a man who gives his all in every aspect of his life, including his relationships.

The actor also revealed that he receives numerous messages from female fans expressing their admiration for Rip and their desire to be with someone like him. Hauser expressed gratitude for the support and noted that he takes it as a compliment to his portrayal of the character.

Overall, Hauser understands why women are drawn to Rip Wheeler, attributing it to his multifaceted personality and his ability to evoke strong emotions in viewers. He appreciates the fans' enthusiasm and devotion and hopes to continue delivering an engaging performance that resonates with audiences.


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