The Shocking Revelation of John Dutton's Shooter Was Hiding Right Under Our Noses


In the hit TV series "Yellowstone," the identity of the person who shot John Dutton was revealed to viewers, but the revelation seemingly went unnoticed by many. Fans of the show may have overlooked a crucial clue that was right in front of their eyes.

The highly popular show centers around the patriarch of the Dutton family, John Dutton, portrayed by Kevin Costner. John is a wealthy ranch owner who faces numerous challenges as he tries to protect his land from various threats. In the Season 3 finale, John is left fighting for his life after a violent attack on him and his family.

While the shocking scene left many viewers wondering who was behind the attack, it appears that the answer might have been given during an earlier episode.


A YouTube video highlights a possible clue that went relatively unnoticed by fans.

In an episode titled "An Acceptable Surrender," John Dutton has a tense conversation with an ambitious politician named Roarke Morris. The interaction is full of animosity and hints at a potential clash between the two characters. During their conversation, Roarke mentions a well-known political quote: "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die." This seemed like an offhand comment at the time, but it may have held a deeper meaning.

The quote itself is a reference to a popular Johnny Cash song called "Folsom Prison Blues.


" However, this reference could also be interpreted as a subtle hint about Roarke's involvement in the shooting of John Dutton. While the connection may not be overtly obvious, it suggests a possible motive for Roarke's actions.

The revelation that the answer to John Dutton's shooting may have been disclosed earlier in the show has left fans wondering how they missed such an important detail. Some argue that they were too focused on the immediate aftermath of the attack and the uncertainty surrounding John's fate, causing them to overlook the significance of the quote.

The show's creators have a history of including subtle clues and foreshadowing in their storytelling, making it a possibility that this quote was intentionally inserted to hint at Roarke's involvement.


However, without further confirmation from the show's producers or forthcoming episodes, it remains a theory.

In conclusion, it seems that the identity of the person who shot John Dutton in "Yellowstone" may have been hinted at in an earlier episode. The quote uttered by Roarke Morris, referencing a famous Johnny Cash song, could potentially indicate his involvement in the attack. This revelation has left fans intrigued and questioning how they missed this crucial detail. Only time will tell if this theory holds true or if there are more surprises in store for viewers as the show continues.


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