Everyone Falls for Lovable ‘Monkey’ Saved After 5 Days Stuck High in the Treetops

Monkey, a Flame Point Siamese cat, spent five days stuck 35 feet up in a tree in Illinois. Rescuers struggled to find a way to reach him until a brave hero named Brad arrived with a ladder and a cloth bag. Miraculously, Monkey willingly climbed into the bag and was safely brought down to the ground. He was taken to the ER to recover and slowly reintroduced to food to avoid any complications. With excellent care, Monkey quickly regained his health and charmed everyone he met. After a few days in the ER, he was brought back to the rescue where he continued to thrive. One of the rescue's volunteers, who had recently lost her own cat, fell in love with Monkey and decided to give him a forever home. Monkey's story is a heartwarming tale of resilience and finding love in unexpected places.

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